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This wiki catalogs and describes FortiOS 5.0 and later diagnose commands and error messages. Work on the 5.4 commands is in progress.

The intended audience of this site is experienced administrators of FortiGate devices looking for an additional resource in troubleshooting their FortiGate.

There are some commands that will produce continuous output or output that is taking much longer than intended. In most cases the use of the hotkey combination of ctrl+c will stop the process and allow you in start inputting commands again.

Read before creating an account

Due to the nature of some of the diagnose commands listed on this website, there is a high level of potential for negatively impacting your network. For this reason, access to its content is limited to account holders. By creating an account to view these commands, you agree to take responsibility for their use on your network.

To create an account use the "Create account" link in the upper right corner of the page.

To get to the diagnostic commands listing:

  • Select "diagnose commands" from the left side menu
  • Use "diagnose command tree" or something close, in the search field in the upper-right corner of this window
  • Use this link.

FortiOS firmware is constantly improving, so we have tagged the commands and error messages on this wiki with a firmware version and FortiGate model number. The commands and error messages should be similar on your particular firmware version and model.

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